New Product Launch Promo - Ambiroma ID Essential Oils. Check it out! Free shipping on orders above $50.

New Product Launch Promo - Ambiroma ID Essential Oils. Check it out! Free shipping on orders above $50.

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Meet Scent-Scaping | Elevating Your Home with Candles

You’ve heard of landscaping. Maybe even tablescaping. But have you heard of scent-scaping? It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere in your home with a mixture of natural scents, whether it’s lavender, citrus clove, lemongrass sage, or rose sandalwood. There’s no easier – or more affordable – way to elevate your home than with the relaxing glow and aroma of candles.

As one of the latest interior design trends, scent-scaping is all about elevating spaces in your home through the gentle aroma of candlelight.  The beauty of scent-scaping, just like landscaping, is that you can put your own twist on it. You can change up the candle scent to reflect the season or stick to your signature scent. 

Scent-scaping allows you to add a touch of your personality to any space in an affordable way. All it takes is lighting a match to a candle to change up the aroma of any room. Read on to find out more about scent-scaping and the best place to buy candles in Singapore. 

What is scent-scaping?

Just like placing different plates on your tables, scent-scaping is about layering the aroma created by different candles. With wellness being the focal point of modern living, it’s no surprise that scent-scaping is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2022. 

Nothing will boost your mood or make you feel more relaxed than a candle. Our homes are no longer just a space for living. With more of us working from home than ever before, our rooms are serving as offices, at-home gyms, and conventional living spaces. 

How can we make each room feel different to meet the needs of what we want at any moment? Enter scent-scaping. You can divide your home up by layering the fragrance of different candles. You could buy a candle gift set of lavender and ylang cedarwood to help you relax and unwind. 

Do you want to boost your productivity and improve your focus? Build your scent-scaping around bold fragrance scents like citrus clove and lemongrass sage. The easiest way to experiment with scent-scaping is to buy a candle in your favourite scent. It’s an affordable interior design trend that everyone can try.

Where to buy customised candle gifts in Singapore

Are you looking for a corporate gift set? With scent-scaping becoming one of the biggest trends of the year, natural scented soy wax candles and essential oil blends are an ideal choice. Interior design is where most corporations look for their gift ideas. Scents are unique as they’re functional and suitable for at-home and office use.

Natural soy wax candles are one of the best choices for a sustainable candle that will give you an authentic scent and burn for hours at a time. Are you looking to find where to buy soy wax candles in Singapore? Or looking for the perfect blend that you always adored? You’ve come to the right place!

At Ambrioma, we specialise in natural scented soy wax candles that will create a relaxing ambience. Our natural scents are ideal for layering together to make the perfect scent for your space. We provide bespoke services at affordable rate. Yes! You can blend your own candles and essential oils with us! Shop the latest candles here. For corporate gifts, click here.

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