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We Create Moods.

Ambiroma is a candle company headquartered in Singapore that specialises in producing hand poured candles with natural fragrances. We capture nature’s best and put them in the jar. We believe in the transformative power of positive mood and its ability to inspire people.

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Our Products

Natural ingredients such as essential oils are costly. With our background in the fresh produce industry, we have managed to establish connections that allow us to produce affordable high quality candles as our essential oils are procured straight from the farms without any intermediary agents. The minimalistic product packaging design has also allowed us to invest more into producing the soy candles without cutting corners.All of our candles are hand poured in Singapore with in-house blends.

Our Vibe

We explore the positive emotions and experiences in our daily lives and create an impression of them into candles using natural fragrances and ingredients such as essential oils and 100% soy wax. 


Since we are a young startup, we are constantly experimenting and discovering scents that evokes the senses.

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