Citrus Clove Candle


Warm spicy notes of clove topped with fresh citrus notes, this candle lifts mood and has a comforting effect that keeps you focused  We recommend lighting this candle while you indulge in your favourite book.

Volume: 100ml, 200ml

Dimension: 6.5cm x 6cm, 8.5cm x 7.5cm

Box Size: (L)6.5cm x (W)6.5cm x (H)7.5cm, (L)8cm x (W)8cm x(H)9cm


Our range of candles are made with 100% soy wax candles, cotton wicks and enhanced with natural essential oils that are sourced globally depending on the optimal seasons. All our candles are blended by hand and crafted in small batches.

Suitable for use in bedroom, toilets or living room. To have better experience, burn candle in a space where there is limited to no wind. 

Avoid burning candle longer than 4 hours each time.  Allow the top layer of wax to be melted fully before extinguishing the flame. Trim the wick to 1/4″ before each new burn (after candle has cooled and solidfy).

The Scent

Native to Indonesia, the clove is a spice that carries a sweet, spicy and warm aroma.  While the clove scent is calming on its own, the Citrus Clove candle is paired  with our in-house blend of light refreshing notes of citrus fruits such as bergamot and orange. Indulge in this candle while you snug yourself in the cosy spots of your home.

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