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New Product Launch Promo - Ambiroma ID Essential Oils. Check it out! Free shipping on orders above $50.

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How Candles Can Unlock Your Wellness

If any word describes our goals for 2022, it’s “wellness”. Everywhere you look, people are talking about self-care. After living through a pandemic, there’s no surprise that we’re all looking for a little TLC. If there’s anything that ticks all the boxes – from boosting your mental health to improving your overall wellbeing – it’s candles.

Yep, they’re not just an aesthetic. Candles are a focal point of the ‘hygge’ lifestyle at the heart of Danish living. This lifestyle puts cosiness at the forefront and went viral the pandemic for its mental health and wellness benefits. You don’t need to change your entire life to get the benefits of hygge’s wellness driven lifestyle.

We’re highlighting some of the benefits of candles and why lighting a candle every day can be a game-changer for your wellness.

  1. Promote a Better Sleep Cycle

Getting a full 8-hours of sleep is vital to your wellness. If you’re struggling to sleep, a candle can help you create a nightly ritual. Candles are the perfect way to incorporate meditation into your nighttime routine to help you to de-stress and unwind before bed. 

You can light a candle while getting ready for bed, whether you’re doing your skincare routine or reading a chapter of your latest book. Put away your phone and enjoy the candlelight to reset your sleep cycle and enable your body to shut down and go to sleep.

  1. Instant mood booster

Have you had a bad day at work? Is it a case of the Monday blues? One of the best things you can do is to light a candle. Research has found that candles act as an instant mood booster, especially when they are infused with citrus or botanical scents. 

Turn off the lights, take a match to your favourite candle, and let the stress of the day slip away. Candles serve as an important part of the ‘hygge’ lifestyle for the ambience that they create. Adding a candle to your living space will create a more comfortable and intimate atmosphere that will ease your mind. Look out for different essential oils that have wellness properties – lavender is ideal for relieving stress, while lemon can help to reduce anxiety.

  1. Improve your focus

Candles can also serve as a way of improving your focus. In Denmark, you’ll often find candles in every room of an office building as they’re proven to help stimulate your mind and boost productivity. If you’re looking to smash your daily to-do list, burning a candle will be a game-changer.

  1. Triggers positive memories

Smells have a way of bringing back memories. Cinnamon instantly reminds us of the holiday season. Pineapple might remind you of a tropical vacation that you shared with friends. Our emotions and memories attract us to particular scents. 

You want to choose a candle that helps you remember positive moments in life. Lighting a candle that produces a smell with a positive association can instantly boost your mood. Everyone’s taste in candles is different, and the associations we make with scents is one reason why.

Whether for yourself or if you’re looking for where to buy gift candles in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. At Ambiroma, our essential oil infused candles are inspired by the beauty of nature and are the key to unlocking your inner wellness.

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